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 How to adjust your font

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How to adjust your font Empty
PostSubject: How to adjust your font   How to adjust your font I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 01, 2016 4:54 pm

Ok so it took me days to figure this out.. It may be the hard way but this is how I know to do it so I will pass what I know along and as we all see easier ways to do it we can post it here.

After you type what you would like to say into the body of the topic, highlight the text. Above the body you have a tool bar. On the 2nd row of the tool bar there are 5 buttons.

The first is a bold H.. This is if you want to add a header into your post you make that there.

The second is a blue A with a vertical red line.. This adjusts your font size.

The third is small blocks of colors.. This is for picking the color of your font.

The fourth is a blue A. This is for your font type.. example: comic sans

The fifth button is to remove any text formatting.

After you select each change, you must highlight the TEXT ONLY. not the formatting keystrokes that get added, before you make the next text formatting change..

After you finish altering your text to what you like you can click the preview tab at the bottom next to send.. it will show you how your post will look before you send it. SO you can make any changes you need before you post it.

I copy and save the formatting key strokes into a notepad file so I only have to paste them after the first time.

Enjoy playing with the text options!!!
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How to adjust your font
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