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 Team Events

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PostSubject: Team Events   Wed May 04, 2016 9:39 pm

Attention all teammies

Just to clear any confusion on team policy.. We are small but growing, so we will ask that any BFC teammie who is wanting to play in a team event please try to be in the room 30 minutes ahead of Start time in BFC nic. We ask this to try to ensure that all members who wish to play have a BFC team to play on. It will help the cappies know if we need 1 or 2 teams or more as we continue to grow.

Having said that we also know that sometimes it is just not possible to be here that early. We will always do our best to make a spot for our fellow teammates! If you come and we do not have room you are always welcome to stay and cheer them on. Some of our teamies stay up very late to play these and you never know when they will need to go so having an extra around is not always a bad thing. Very Happy

Hugs all and vgl


Embarassed I love you
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Team Events
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