The legendary dragons of backgammon
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 1st place BFC_Saphira *

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PostSubject: 1st place BFC_Saphira *   Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:47 pm

Trireme> ­
 Trireme>    Gammon Galley Dining Results - 2016-04-28  
 Trireme>         Cheers go to the following diners  
 Trireme>             BFC_Saphira  for 1ST PLACE  
 Trireme>             SG_Predator for 2ND PLACE  
 Trireme>         BFC_Uchiha for THIRD PLACE  
 Trireme>     Well Done Everyone - We enjoyed hosting you!!!
 Trireme> ­
 Trireme>    `°¤.¸°·.·°¸.¤°´¯` ´¯`°¤.¸°·.·°¸.¤°´
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1st place BFC_Saphira *
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