The legendary dragons of backgammon
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 Team finals BFC vs. PRO live commentary :)))))

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Team finals BFC vs. PRO live commentary :)))))  Empty
PostSubject: Team finals BFC vs. PRO live commentary :)))))    Team finals BFC vs. PRO live commentary :)))))  I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 21, 2016 6:07 am

BFC_Uchiha> i`m going out
BFC_Uchiha> not to add fuel
BFC_Uchiha> on fire
BFC_Uchiha> lol
BFC_LilScorpion> ok lol
BFC_LilScorpion> but you arent leaving yet are ya
BFC_Uchiha> no
BFC_LilScorpion> ok ice is down 0-2
BFC_LilScorpion> wolf is 2-2
BFC_LilScorpion> ryan is 2-1
BFC_Uchiha> haha
BFC_LilScorpion> and not in great shape but just got lucky out on 6 pt of frank
BFC_Uchiha> you are like an announcer
BFC_Uchiha> rofl
BFC_LilScorpion> i can be
BFC_LilScorpion> lol
BFC_LilScorpion> ice is looking good
BFC_LilScorpion> as long as he keeps his evens on the outside
BFC_Uchiha> hahaha
BFC_Uchiha> you should work for espn
BFC_LilScorpion> wolf lost in nail biter
BFC_LilScorpion> it was close! had 3 pips left 2 on the 2 and 2 on the 1
BFC_Uchiha> so pro 1-0 ?
BFC_LilScorpion> yes
BFC_Uchiha> lol
BFC_LilScorpion> ryan has frank pinned in
BFC_LilScorpion> on a cube
BFC_LilScorpion> ice and dragon are at 2-1 on a cube so mp
BFC_LilScorpion> to soon to say much on it as it just began
BFC_Uchiha> i`ll post this on our web site
BFC_Uchiha> you are amazing
BFC_LilScorpion> ryan got his
BFC_Uchiha> you missed a great career
BFC_Uchiha> lol
BFC_LilScorpion> he is rolling off to finish now
BFC_Uchiha> so 1-1 ?
BFC_LilScorpion> yes
BFC_LilScorpion> now 1-1
BFC_LilScorpion> ice i cant say
BFC_LilScorpion> lol
BFC_Uchiha> lol
BFC_LilScorpion> now bus does his
BFC_LilScorpion> this match is the decider
BFC_LilScorpion> so i throw in
BFC_LilScorpion> no pressure or nothin
BFC_LilScorpion> dragon says oh... the pressure ....
BFC_LilScorpion> ice says LOL
BFC_Uchiha> no, really this will be on our web site
BFC_LilScorpion> dragon moves past ice but ice has the 5
BFC_Uchiha> )))))
BFC_LilScorpion> and is closing his home
BFC_Uchiha> take some interviews at the end
BFC_LilScorpion> ice said thats a pressure reliever right there
BFC_Uchiha> ahahaha
BFC_LilScorpion> dragons reply
BFC_LilScorpion> it helps
BFC_LilScorpion> ok now the race is on
BFC_Uchiha> awww
BFC_LilScorpion> dragon is ahead by 8 pips
BFC_Uchiha> oh well, at least they give them a hard time
BFC_LilScorpion> ok dragon has 3 off
BFC_LilScorpion> ice has s3
BFC_LilScorpion> 4-1 dragon
BFC_Uchiha> good
BFC_LilScorpion> 51 ice
BFC_Uchiha> bad
BFC_Uchiha> lol
BFC_LilScorpion> ice down to 6 stones
BFC_LilScorpion> dragon 4
BFC_LilScorpion> but couldnt move one off
BFC_Uchiha> ice needs a double i assume
BFC_LilScorpion> ice rolss dub 6
BFC_Uchiha> ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
BFC_LilScorpion> drag has 4 leftt
BFC_LilScorpion> ice has 1
BFC_LilScorpion> drag roll
BFC_LilScorpion> waiting
BFC_LilScorpion> 4-2
BFC_LilScorpion> ice wins
BFC_LilScorpion> BFC takes 1
BFC_Uchiha> ))
BFC_Uchiha> now let me post this on our web site
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Team finals BFC vs. PRO live commentary :)))))
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